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If you have an after hours emergency, please call 4Help at 540-231-4357, or submit a ticket to the help desk.   

To request website updates for your unit, reach out to your department's Web Point Person, click below to view a full list of WPP's.


If your unit's WPP or another author needs website support from the Communications team, click below to submit a request:

For more information about website updates, brand strategy, and communications/marketing contacts:


You can find the calendar login, calendar admin list, and instructions on how to navigate the calendar on the CLAHS Events Calendar page here: 

VT Email 

Retirees may keep their Virginia Tech email addresses (""). These accounts can be set to forward to another desired account. 

** On April 26, 2023, changes were announced to Virginia Tech Google services including email, calendar, and storage. For retirees, the Virginia Tech email address will still be “” but, if a retiree is currently using Google, the email and calendar will move to Microsoft 365. More information about the email, calendar, and other changes is available on the Google Service Changes at Virginia Tech website. On this site, select retirees for more specific information. 


A Virginia Tech retiree may keep their PID with its associated password. The university's Acceptable Use of Information Systems of Virginia Tech applies to use of the PID. Periodic renewals may be required.


Retirees expecting to spend time on campus can pay for wireless access managed by Network Infrastructure & Services (NI&S). To find out the latest rates, contact NI&S Customer Service at or 540-231-2800.

For more information, please click the link below:

Passwords can be changed in OneCampus, Account Manager or MyCat. An option to reset a forgotten password will appear when logging in to Virginia Tech online services. To change a password for the telephone answering system, contact the 4Help line.

NOTE:  Must use as username to access Eduroam WiFi.