Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention

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Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention


The Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention is an academic and research organization whose vision builds on the cultural initiatives that evolved within the Virginia Tech community after the tragedy of April 16, 2007.  The center’s educational mission envisions a world informed by cross-disciplinary work in violence prevention research, education, and hands-on learning experience.


The center’s vision is to advance scholarship, practice violence prevention, and promote peace and human security by engaging with local and global communities.


The mission is to foster cross-disciplinary research, education, and development of leadership opportunities for the 21st century.

The center’s mission centers on inter-organizational partnership building, with the goal of fostering creative approaches to the study and practice of the prevention of violence.

Academics and Interdisciplinary Community

The CPSVP has developed an Undergraduate Minor in Peace Studies and Violence Prevention, under its own course catalog designation, “PSVP.”  Faculty and students from numerous departments are affiliated with the center, including Sociology, Philosophy, Geography, Political Science, and Agricultural and Applied Economics. 

The center is also affiliated with Psychology, Theatre Arts, Religion and Culture, History, Green Engineering, and Human Development. The University Curriculum Committee has approved the minor, and introductory course, and a capstone seminar course.  Courses are taught by faculty across Virginia Tech, as well as visiting instructors from such outside organizations as the United States Institute of Peace and the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

In its role as an innovative hub for transdisciplinary research, education, service learning, and outreach, the center organizes educational conferences and symposia that bring together scholars, practitioners, and other members of the community in a dynamic learning environment dedicated to the study and prevention of violence in global and local contexts.