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Internships and field studies are an essential part of the preparation for your career. By participating in an internship or field study, you apply the theory and knowledge you have learned in the classroom through hands-on experience in a professional setting. While working under the guidance of an experienced professional, you get a unique opportunity to learn about yourself, your clients, your organizations, and your environment. Site supervisors act as role models, providing direction so that you can both observe and participate in the work of the organization. Faculty supervisors assure that your internship or field study is beneficial both to you and to your community partners and will build conceptual and practical skills necessary for successful future public service. They also facilitate reflection activities that help you make meaning from your experience. 

“My field study with the Smithsonian helped me apply the lessons from my coursework to the real world and better understand my chosen field. The connections that I made are already helping me get a foot in the door as I enter the workforce, while the experience has made me more confident in my career goals.” Melissa Velez Nazario, Class of 2020

Religion and Culture Internships and Field Studies Resources

Students who wish to earn credit for the experience should enroll in APS / HUM / RLCL 4964: Field Study. Eligibility, requirements, responsibilities, and grounds for assessment are discussed in detail in the Field Study Guidelines above. 

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We focus on the ways religion works in human lives around the globe and investigate how factors such as geographical region, multicultural settings, and popular culture shape communities and traditions. Graduates of our programs are employed in research, non-profits, and journalism. 

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The Department of Religion & Culture prepares students to think critically, communicate clearly, and investigate the complexities of human relationships and global citizenship. Our graduates work in nonprofit organizations, civil service, and the private sector, doing everything from pastoral care to media design; they also go on to pursue a range of graduate studies. 

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