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Collaboration and Partnerships

Our projects include but are not limited to: a conference or symposium on a Virginia Tech campus or at a Virginia Tech international center; a co-authored article or book manuscript; a student exchange program with our international partners. 

Proposal and Approval Process for International MOUs and SEAs

Faculty who wish to formalize collaboration with an international partner may do so by following the College’s Proposal and Approval Process for International MOUs/SEAs below, which will result in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and in some cases a Student Exchange Agreement (SEA) by the administration of Virginia Tech and that of the international partner institution.

Not all international collaboration necessitates a MOU or SEA.  A MOU is required only for relationships that are anticipated to continue for a number of years.  The SEA is necessary only for study abroad exchange program.  It is possible to pursue one type of agreement without the other or to pursue both concurrently.

Faculty who would like to pilot an international project or student exchange before formalizing the collaboration should contact Associate Dean Farida Jalalzai at prior to completing the paperwork below.

Those interested in pursuing a formalized collaboration should:

  • review the College’s Proposal and Approval Process for International MOUs/SEAs here and
  • complete the CLAHS International MOU Proposal Form here.

A database of current Virginia Tech MOUs is available here.

University MOU and SEA templates can be found here.