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CommLab Services

CommLab extends the classroom experience and provides support for class assignments and special projects. Graduate and undergraduate students trained in public speaking and group work are available to help students with all areas of the speech making process. We also have videotaping capabilities. Students who wish to be videotaped should state that when making an appointment.

Coaches are available to help with:

  • Topic Selection
  • Researching appropriate data
  • Organizing and refining information
  • Outlining main points
  • Source citation
  • Speech delivery
  • Visual aids (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, posters, etc.)
  • Conversation
  • Listening
  • Group processes
  • Conflict resolution
  • Language choices
  • Message design
  • Audience analysis
  • Body language
  • Facial expression
  • Eye contact
  • Gestures
  • Notes and aids