We offer opportunities for research that makes a difference

Whether it's conducted by faculty or students, our research makes an impact on the world. A benefit of being part of a large research institution such as Virginia Tech is access to extensive resources and unique collaborations with students and faculty of other disciplines.

VT Research
Top 20 Humanities Program (Payscale.com)
29 Majors
53 Minors
79% Of Students Participate in Research
560 Dedicated Faculty Members
1644 Courses Offered
1153 Graduate Students
Cline History Professor
Faculty Spotlight

Specializing in 20th century U.S. social movements, historian David Cline spent the better part of a year traveling through the country as a research scholar and a lead interviewer for the Civil Rights History Project, initiated by Congress and managed jointly by the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.

Emily Love English Major
Alumni Spotlight

Emily Love presented her research on gender roles in Victorian society and how those values were expressed by Charles Dickens at the Atlantic Coast Conference Meeting of the Minds at the University of Miami. She said one of the great things about Virginia Tech is that research can be a part of any major.

VT Communication Department

Focusing on communication processes and media effects, students build knowledge and skills for future study and work in public relations, multimedia journalism or communication studies.

VT Child Development Center

Our center provides quality preschool programs, professional education, and new discoveries in child development and early childhood education.

VT Political Science Department

We prepare students for careers in government, business, law, politics, and education. Our courses examine domestic and international political systems and contemporary events.

VT Center for Peace Studies

Our center is dedicated to the study and prevention of violence in global and local contexts. 

VT History Department

We facilitate discoveries about the past, train students in the skills and knowledge needed to become global citizens and well-rounded professionals, and share new knowledge with the community.

VT School of Performing Arts

We have 66 nationally and internationally known faculty and staff with active careers in their fields who are devoted to education in theater, cinema, and music. 

VT Center for Kitchen Design

This center is a collaborative effort by the university and the kitchen industry to teach students how to design a kitchen for different consumers.

VT Human Development Department

Focusing on teaching, research, and engagement, students work to understand how people develop throughout their lives and in their relationships, recognizing the contexts in which they live.

VT Civil War Studies

Our center plays a leading role in the teaching, scholarship, and public dissemination of Civil War history. We host popular public outreach events, collaborate on digital initiatives, and host postdoctoral fellows.

VT Sociology Department

Our department is recognized for excellence in research, teaching, and community outreach. Now offering an additional major in criminology, students can specialize in a wide range of sociological specialties and interdisciplinary areas. 

VT Center for Gerontology

Our center fosters research in various topics, including Family Gerontology, Health and Aging, and Elder Rights that enhances the quality of life for older adults.

Science and Technology in Society

We examine the ways that science and technology shape, and are shaped by, our society, politics, and culture.

Jordan Laney, Anthony Szczurek, Christian, Matheis Sascha Engle, are all editors for SPECTRA, a journal for the ASPECT doctoral program.

We foster critical engagement between domains of inquiry in the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. Our focus is interdisciplinary theoretical research.

Dr Pitt

Philosophical training prepares you for fields where independent judgment, conceptual dexterity, and intellectual acumen are required.


Offer 12 languages, and serves students from all majors. Language and literature can open doors for business, research, global collaborations, and deeper relationships.

Religion and Culture

Focus on the ways religion works in human lives around the globe and investigate how factors such as geographical region, multicultural settings, and popular culture shape communities and traditions.

Apparel shopping window

We prepare our students for professional practice in a range of consumer businesses and industries. Our graduates are working in fashion designing, apparel design, property management, consulting, and education.

English study

We study language and literature, the way we express ourselves, frame questions, deepen understanding, and solve problems. Our goal is to give voice to our students and communities.


Virginia Tech's School of Education (SOE) is dedicated to enriching the lives of PK-20 learners, families, and communities through inquiry, leadership and advocacy in a diverse world.