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Internships are an essential part of the preparation for your career. By participating in an internship, you apply the theory and knowledge you have learned in the classroom through hands-on experience in a professional setting. While working under the guidance of an experienced professional, you get a unique opportunity to learn about yourself, your clients, your organizations, and your environment. Site supervisors act as role models, providing direction so that you can both observe and participate in the work of the organization.

The OXFAM CHANGE internship provides social justice training. If selected, you'll be part of a year-long program for student leaders – you'll attend a week-long training in Boston, start or join an OXFAM club, and lead a campaign on your campus. Applications are due February 15, 2018. For application information, click here.  


Any field that values understanding people, the relationships they make, and the differences between them hires humanities graduates. A major doesn't necessarily determine a career. Companies value the problem solving and communicative skills only liberal arts programs can provide. 

Career Services at Virginia Tech offers a variety of services including career exploration, job searching, resume analysis, and interview training.

  • More information is available at the Career Services homepage.
  • More information about the office's advising services is available here.
  • A calendar of the office's events is available here.

Other career-related resources include:

  • Career Exploration Tools: Explains the process of selecting and exploring a career.
  • Career Fairs: Lists the current career fairs on campus and in the region.
  • Handshake: Enables Virginia Tech students and alumni to network for career planning and job search assistance.