Janell Watson

Janell Watson

Janell Watson

Professor of French and Department Chair


341 Major Williams Hall 
220 Stanger St. 
Blacksburg, VA 24061





  • 19th-century French literature
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Félix Guattari
  • Judith Butler
  • Michel Serres

Professional Activities

  • Chair, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
  • Editor, the minnesota review: a journal of creative and critical writing
  • President, Virginia Tech chapter, American Association of University Professors


  • Ph.D. in French, Duke University, 1995

Research Interests

    Selected Publications


    Guattari’s Diagrammatic Thought: Writing Between Lacan and Deleuze (Continuum, 2009).

    Literature and Material Culture from Balzac to Proust: The Collection and Consumption of Curiosities (Cambridge University Press, 1999).

    Edited Books

    Eugene B. Young, editor, with Gary Genosko and Janell Watson. The Deleuze and Guattari Dictionary (Bloomsbury, 2013).

    Select Articles

    “Mother Earth, Mother City: Abjection and the Anthropocene.” PhiloSophia: A Journal of Continental Feminism 5.2 (2015): 269-285. Print.

    “Multiple Mutating Masculinities: Of Maps and Men.” Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 20.1 (2015): 107-121. Print

    “Butler’s Biopolitics: Precarious Communities.” Theory and Event 15.2 (2012): n. pag. 10,500 words. Web.

    “Culture as Existential Territory: Ecosophic Homelands for the 21st Century.” Guattari and Semiocapitalism. Spec. issue of Deleuze Studies 6.2 (2012): 158–179. Print. Chinese translation published in Comparative Literature and World Literature (University of Peking Press). 

    Additional Information

    To learn more, visit Janell Watson’s Academia page.