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Academic Programs

We offer active learning opportunities including immersion experiences, study abroad, and culture clubs.


Our talented faculty members specialize in a variety of languages and topics; they're always mentoring students with independent research projects of their own. Classes are small and highly engaged, and our close-knit students hold regular cultural, social, and service events.

Several of our language programs also offer an immersion or a study abroad component that promotes direct engagement with the culture of native speakers. We work with other departments to supplement programs with focuses in Russian Area Studies, Asian Studies, and other courses that prepare our students to engage an increasingly globalized world.

Graduate Programs

M.A. Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

Additional Options for Language Study

We offer general language instruction and courses to fulfill the foreign language requirement to all students regardless of their major.

Greek - Studying Modern Greek allows you to be more well-versed in the English language, because at least 30% of English words have Greek roots. In scientific fields, such as medicine and biology, the percentage is even higher.

Our partnership in the 4-VA project also makes online courses available in Hebrew. These courses focus on the fundamentals of modern Hebrew language with emphasis on grammar, reading, composition, and conversation.