Aarnes Gudmestad

Aarnes Gudmestad

Aarnes Gudmestad

Associate Professor of Spanish


319 Major Williams Hall 
220 Stanger St. 
Blacksburg, VA 24061






  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Hispanic Linguistics
  • Morpho-syntactic Variation in Spanish
  • Morpho-syntactic Variation in French

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor, Journal of the European Second Language Association
  • Associate Chair
  • Director of the Spanish Program
  • CLAHS Graduate Curriculum Committee


  • Ph.D. Indiana University
  • M.A. Indiana University
  • B.A. Concordia College

Awards and Honors

Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award, 2019

Selected Publications


Gudmestad, A., & Edmonds, A. (Eds.). (2018). Critical reflections on data in second language acquisition. Amsterdam: John Benjamins


Edmonds, A., & Gudmestad, A. (2015). What the present can tell us about the future: A variationist analysis of future-time expression in native and non-native French. Language, Interaction and Acquisition, 6(1), 15-41.

Gudmestad, A., House, L., & Geeslin, K. L. (2013). What a Bayesian analysis can do for SLA: New tools for the sociolinguistic study of subject expression in L2 Spanish. Language Learning63(3), 371-399.

Gudmestad, A. (2012). Acquiring a variable structure: An interlanguage analysis of second-language mood use in Spanish. Language Learning, 62(2), 373-402.

Geeslin, K. L., & Gudmestad, A. (2010). An exploration of the range and frequency of occurrence of forms in potentially variable structures in second-language Spanish. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 32(3), 433-463.  

Sponsored Research

Global Project Partnership Award, CLAHS, $5000, 2016

Research support, Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment, with Katie Carmichael, $1500, 2015

Niles Research Grant, CLAHS, $4000, 2014

Additional Information

For more information about her research and a complete list of publications, please see her website.