The following faculty members were recognized as 2019–2020 Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment Scholars: principal investigator Matthew FullenSchool of Education, and co-investigators Nancy BrossoieCenter for GerontologyMegan Dolbin-MacNabHuman Development and Family Science, and Gerard Lawson, School of Education, “Investigating the Impact of Medicare Mental Health Provider Policy on Rural Communities”; co-investigator Ben Katz, Human Development and Family Science, co-investigator Tina Savla, Human Development and Family Science and Center for Gerontology, principal investigator Brenda Davy, and co-investigator Kevin Davy, “Ketones Supplementation for Vascular and Cognitive Health in Middle-Aged Adults”; co-investigator Ben Katz, Human Development and Family Science, principal investigator Alec Smith, and co-investigators Sheryl Ball and Brooks King-Casas, “The Effect of HD-tDCS Stimulation over the Temporoparietal Junction on Social and Economic Cognition in Older Adults”; and principal investigator Lee VinselScience, Technology, and Society, and co-investigators Jennifer Case and Marie Paretti, “What Do Engineers Do All Day? Innovation, Maintenance, and Everyday Engineering Work.”