The following students in the College participated in the 2019 Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate and Graduate Conference titled “Imagining Justice.” The conference took place April 19 in Newman Library.

Presenting papers were: Katherine Ayerssociology graduate student, “Women’s Only Lands and Communities through a Social Justice Lens”; Madeleine Cáceres, political science major, “Pregnancy and Incarceration in the U.S. Prison”; Harley Huffmansociology major, “Reminiscing on a Proverb, ‘Kill Your Heroes’: Re-imagining Theory in the 21stCentury and Dismantling the Logic of Practice through the Ways of Liminality”; Inaash Islam, sociology graduate student, “Pious Critical Agents: Hijabi Social Media Influencers as New Authorities over Femininity and Embodiment”; Callen Leahycriminology major, “Every Feminist’s Favorite Color: Red”; Lipon Mondal, sociology graduate student; “A Theory of Justice in Sociology”; Fatou Nianginternational relations major, “Black Like Us”; Hayley Oliverliterature and language major, “Come With Me: An Analysis of Scientific and Creative Literature on the Nature of the Female Orgasm”; Shaun RespessASPECT graduate student, “A Vantage Point of Care: Feminist Phenomenologies of Self and Others”; Laura Schiffer, sociology major, “Seeking Medical Treatment as an Adult Male Sexual Assault Victim: Why Males Report Less than Females”; Jessica Spiersmultimedia journalism major, “Marching Away from White Feminism”; and Sara Young, criminology major, “Heterosexual Undergraduates’ Understanding of Bisexuality.”

The winners of the Barbara Ellen Smith Outstanding Essay Award were undergraduate Madeleine Cáceres and graduate student Inaash Islam.