The following ASPECT doctoral students presented papers at the International Studies Associate Conference: Caroline Alphin, “The Neoliberal Science Fictions of Cyberpunk,” also chair of the “Necro-Geopolitics: Death and the Extra/ordinary in International Relations” panel; Linea Cutter, “Biopolitics and Big Sugar: Corporate Power and the Rise of Chaotic Eating”; Rob Flahive, “Al‐Sisi’s Regime‐Security Urbanism: Refashioning Cairo, Remaking Egypt” and “Aestheticizing Colonial Violence: Tensions in the Preservation of Colonial Urbanism in Casablanca”; Robert Hodges, “Legal Pluralism of Colonial Powers: A Foundational Aspect to the Globalization of International Society”; Anthony Szczurek, “A Post‐secular Critique of Narendra Modi’s Climate Politics”; and Shelby Ward, “The Tourist Map as Resource Map: (Re)productions and Geopolitics of Coloniality in Sri Lankan’s Tourist Industry.” The conference took place March 27–30 in Toronto, Canada.