David L. Brunsma


David L. Brunsma

Professor of Sociology


560 McBryde Hall (0137)
225 Stanger Street 
Blacksburg, VA 24061


(540) 231-8723


Department Membership



  • (Multi) Racial Identity
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Sociology of Culture

Professional Activities

  • Founding Co-Editor, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • Executive Officer, Southern Sociological Society
  • Race and Ethnicity Section Editor, Sociology Compass
  • Council Member, ASA Section on Human Rights
  • Treasurer, Sociologists Without Borders


  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

    Awards and Honors

    E. Gordon Ericksen Award for Outstanding Graduate Faculty

    Honorable Mention for Gordon Hirabyashi Human Rights Book Award

    W.E.B. DuBois Award from Sociologists Without Borders

    Selected Publications


    Coates, Rodney D., Abby L. Ferber, and David L. Brunsma. The Matrix of Race: Social Construction, Intersectionality, and Inequality. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publishing. 2017.

    Rockquemore, Kerry Ann and David L. Brunsma.  Beyond Black: Biracial Identity in America, Second Edition. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

    Brunsma, David L. The School Uniform Movement and What it Tells Us About American Education: A Symbolic Crusade. Lanham, MD: Rowman,  2004. 

    Edited Books

    Brunsma, David L., Keri Iyall Smith, and Brian Gran (eds.). The Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights. Paradigm Publishers, 2013.


    Brunsma, David L., Daniel Delgado, and Kerry Ann Rockquemore. 2013. “Liminality in the Multiracial Experience: Towards a Concept of Identity Matrix” Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power. 20(5): 481-502.

    Brunsma, David L., Eric Brown, and Peggy Placier. 2013. “Teaching Race at Historically White Colleges and Universities: Identifying the Walls of Whiteness” Critical Sociology, 39(5): 717-738. 

    Brunsma, David L. 2006. "Public Categories, Private Identities: Exploring Regional Differences in the Biracial Experience." Social Science Research. 35(3): 555-576.

    Rockquemore, Kerry Ann and David L. Brunsma. 2002. “Socially Embedded Identities: Theories, Typologies, and Processes of Racial Identity Among Biracials.” The Sociological Quarterly. 43(3): 335-356.

    Additional Information

    Current Projects:

    "The Social Construction of Difference" A Major Intersectionality Textbook on Race and Ethnicity. with Rodney Coates and Abby Ferber.

    "Human Rights In The United States" A Major Data Collection Effort, Replicating the South Korean Human Rights Survey, Understanding the Social Contours of Human Rights Attitudes and Practices in the United States. Mixed Methods.

    "Critical Studies of Race and Racism" Sets of Studies Engaging Issues Such as Microaggressions, Racial Epistemologies in Disciplinary Discourse, Whiteness and Anti-Racisms.

    "Multiracial Identity" A Major Data Collection Effort, The First Nationally Representative Data Set of Multiracial America. Mixed Methods.


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