Paulo Polanah

Paulo Polanah

Associate Professor


670 McBryde Hall 
225 Stanger Street 
Blacksburg, VA 24061


(540) 231-5650


Department Membership



Teaching Interests:

Africana History

Colonial and Post-Colonial Theory

Africa & the Invention of Religion

Representation in Africana Experience

Research Interests

    Research Interests

    African & Western Metaphysics

    Globalization and African Traditional Knowledges

    Critique of Development and Aid Industries

    Awards and Honors

    Edward S. Diggs Teaching Scholar Award, Virginia Tech

    Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech

    Selected Publications


    2011 - "The Zenith of our National History!" National Identity, Colonialism, and the Promotion of the Portuguese Discoveries: Portugal 1930." EJournal of Portuguese History, Vol. ( (2): 1-24.

    2010 - "In the Vortex of Modernity: Writing Blackness, Blindness and Insight." (with K. Percoda). Journal of Modern Literature, Vol. 34 (3): 31-46.

    2009 - "To Discipline and Publish: Scottsboro and Narratives of Delinquency." (with K. Percoda). Critical Criminology, Vol. 17 (3): 145-158.

    2008 - "An Imperial Mystique: Colonial discourse and National Identity in Portugal, 1930-1945." Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 16 (1): 61-86.

    2007 - "Neo-Colonial Avatars: Africa and the Discourse of Development." International Journal of Africana Studies, Vol. 13 (2): 21-37.