Subtitle Social Construction, Intersectionality, and Inequality
Publisher Sage Publishing
EAN/ISBN 978-1452202693
Release Date 2017-11-07
Author(s) Rodney D. Coates, Abby L. Ferber, and David L. Brunsma
Summary The Matrix of Race, for race and ethnic relations courses, is written by three leading scholars — Rodney D. Coates, David L. Brunsma, and Abby L. Ferber — and reflects a very contemporary way of looking at race, minorities, and intergroup relations. Older texts use a “categorica” approach and feature a series of chapters that examine one minority group at a time (African Americans, Latino/a Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc.). Newer texts designed within the last 5-10 years are more likely to be organized topically, discuss various racial and ethnic minorities within the context of these topics, and use the most current theories and perspectives in this field. The Matrix of Race is built around these core ideas:
  • Race is a both a social construction and a social institution;
  • Race is intersectional — it is embedded within other statuses (such as gender, social class, and sexuality);
  • Concepts of race change over time and as we move from one physical location to another; and
  • We are all active agents in upholding, reproducing, or resisting constructions of race.