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Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought Faculty

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group of five faculty
Name Position Office Phone Email
Danna Agmon Associate Professor 412 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8307
Mauro Caraccioli Associate Professor
531 Major Williams Hall 540-231-0694
François Debrix Professor   202 Major Williams Hall
Bikrum Gill
Assistant Professor 517 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5491
Bettina Koch Professor 507 Major Williams Hall
Desirée Poets
Assistant Professor 531 Major Williams Hall 540-231-6571
Audrey Reeves
Assistant Professor 512 Major Williams Hall
Rachel M. Scott Professor 203 Major Williams Hall 540-231-4848  
Brett L. Shadle Professor 431 Major Williams Hall
Name Position Office Phone Email
Danna Agmon Associate Professor 412 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8307
Onwubiko Agozino Professor 526B McBryde Hall 540-231-7699
Aaron Ansell Associate Professor 112 Lane Hall 540-231-0491
Clair Apodaca Associate Professor 525 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5310
Amaryah Shaye Armstrong Assistant Professor 111 Major Williams Hall 540-231-7013
Paul C. Avey Associate Professor 513 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-6814
Sweta Baniya Assistant Professor 437 Shanks Hall
Mark V. Barrow, Jr. Professor 431 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-4099
Shannon Elizabeth Bell Associate Professor 560 McBryde Hall 540-231-4445 
Binio S. Binev Assistant Professor 508 Major Williams Hall  540-231-5491
Aaron Brantly Associate Professor 520 Major Williams Hall 540-231-9045
Daniel Breslau Associate Professor
Brian Britt Professor and Director, ASPECT
Christopher Campo-Bowen Assistant Professor Squires 242-K 540-231-5335
Chris Brown Assistant Professor Knowledgeworks II  
David L. Brunsma Professor 560 McBryde Hall (0137) 540-231-8723
Mauro Caraccioli Associate Professor 202 Major Williams Hall 540-231- 0694
S. Moon Cassinelli Assistant Professor 417 Shanks Hall
Danille Christensen Assistant Professor 216 Lane Hall 540-231-5528
Carolyn D. Commer Assistant Professor 416 Shanks Hall 540-231-8468
Samuel R. Cook Associate Professor 401 Major Williams Hall
Nicholas Copeland Associate Professor 524 McBryde Hall 540-231-2768
Mercedes Maria Corredor Assistant Professor
Cara Daggett
Assistant Professor 510 Major Williams Hall
Giselle Datz Associate Professor   703- 706-8112
François Debrix Professor   531 Major WilliamsHall
Priya Dixit Associate Professor 511 McBryde Hall 540-231-5323
A. Roger Ekirch Professor 437 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8381
Tom Ewing Professor and Associate Dean 260D Wallace Hall 540-231-3212
Brandy S. Faulkner Collegiate Assistant Professor 514 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5766
Jessica Folkart Professor 323 Major Williams Hall 540-231-9076
Matthew R. Gabriele Professor 1319 East Ambler Johnston Hall 540-231-2207
Bikrum Gill Assistant Professor 508 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5491
Carmen Gitre Associate Professor 411 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5216
Edward J. K. Gitre Assistant Professor 432 Major Williams Hall 540-231-1722
Nicholas Goedert Assistant Professor 512Major Williams Hall 540-231-7665
Liora O'Donnell Goldensher Assistant Professor 668 McBryde Hall  
Saul Halfon Associate Professor 232 Lane Hall 540-231-1648
Anthony K. Harrison Professor 678McBryde Hall 540-231-4519
Matthew Heaton Associate Professor 409 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8361
Rebecca Hester Associate Professor 235 Lane Hall 540-231-8359
Lucien Holness Assistant Professor 414 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8375
Karen Hult Professor   531D Major Williams Hall 540-231-5836
James Ivory Professor 147 Shanks Hall 540-231-9831
Benjamin Jantzen Associate Professor 226 Major Williams Hall 540-231-1766
Javiera Jaque Assistant Professor 127 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5362
Caitlin E. Jewitt Associate Professor 522 Major Williams Hall 540-231-7544
Sharon P. Johnson Associate Professor 317 Major Williams Hall 540-231-9859
Sylvester Johnson Professor and Director of the Center for Humanities 315 Lane Hall 540-231-9120
Melanie Kiechle Associate Professor 417 Major Williams Hall 540-231-7523
Karin Kitchens Assistant Professor 524 Major Williams Hall 540-232-8475
James C. Klagge Professor 229 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8487
Bryan Klausmeyer Assistant Professor
Bettina Koch Professor 507 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-5766
Karen Kovaka Assistant Professor 220 Major Williams Hall
Christine Labuski Associate Professor and Associate Director, ASPECT
Robert (Bob) Leonard Professor 320 Henderson Hall 540-231-9299
Douglas Lind Professor 229 Major Williams Hall 540-231-0639
Ilja A. Luciak Professor 521 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5246
Timothy W. Luke University Distinguished Professor 539 Major Williams Hall 540-231-6633
Jordan MacKenzie Assistant Professor Major Williams Hall
Natalia Mielczarek Assistant Professor 144 Shanks Hall 540-231-1666
Rachel Midura Assistant Professor 416 Major Williams Hall
Michael Moehler Professor
Marian Mollin Associate Professor 419 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8367
Wayne D. Moore Associate Professor 505 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5478
Scott G. Nelson Associate Professor 519 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5629
Su Fang Ng Professor 323 Shanks Hall 540-231-7753
Zhange Ni Associate Professor 204 Major Williams Hall 540-231-1823
Kim L. Niewolny Associate Professor 282 Litton Reaves 540-231-5784
Shaily Patel Assistant Professor 207 Major Williams Hall 540-232-8456
Lydia Patton Professor 231 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8489
Desiree Poets Assistant Professor 510 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-5681
Paulo Polanah Associate Professor 670 McBryde Hall 540-231-5650
Katrina M. Powell Professor
507 McBryde Hall 540-231-5923
Karl Precoda Advanced Instructor 251-D Henderson Hall 540-231-6486
Besnik Pula Associate Professor 524 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8475
Khadijah Queen Associate Professor 443 Shanks Hall
Geovani Ramirez Assistant Professor 423 Shanks Hall
Audrey Reeves Assistant Professor 512 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-9944
Ashley Reichelmann Associate Professor 676 McBryde Hall 540-231-5651
Patrick Roberts Associate Professor 1021 Prince Street
Fernanda Rosa Assistant Professor 321 Lane Hall
Emily M. Satterwhite Associate Professor 344 Lane Hall 540-231-8779
Andrew Scerri Associate Professor 515 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8843
Peter L. Schmitthenner Associate Professor 321 Lane Hall 540-231-8377
Helen Schneider Associate Professor 421 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8373
Rachel M. Scott Professor 203 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-4848
Paula Seniors Associate Professor 672 McBryde Hall 540-231-7205
Brett L. Shadle Professor 428 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-8362
Ashley Shew Associate Professor 116 Lane Hall 540-231-1810
Eric Standley
Professor 102 Armory Building 540-231-3110
Robert P. Stephens Associate Professor 431 Major WilliamsHall 540-231-6770
Max Stephenson Professor 201 West Roanoke St. 540-231-6775
Yannis Stivachtis Professor 119 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5816
Jessica Taylor Assistant Professor 431 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5331
Tyechia Thompson Assistant Professor
Gerard Toal Professor 1021 Prince St. Alexandria, VA 703-706-8113
Sharone L. Tomer Assistant Professor
Kelly Trogdon Professor 223 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8948
Vinodh Venkatesh Professor 339 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5362
Andrew Wadoski
Assisstant Professor 241 Shanks Hall 540-231-8360
Peter Wallenstein Professor 402 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8376
Janell Watson Professor 341 Major Williams Hall 540-231-9009
Edward Weisband Edward S. Diggs Endowed Chair in the Social Sciences 501 Major Williams Hall 540-231-5298
Fabian Wendt Assistant Professor 820 University City Blvd.
Trevor Wilson
Assistant Professor 331 Major Williams Hall
Philip Yaure Assistant Professor  
Laura Zanotti Professor 509 Major Williams Hall 540-231-2750
Bonnie Zare Professor 522 McBryde Hall 540-231-8189
Anna Zeide Associate Professor
Name Position Office Phone Email
Elizabeth Fine Professor
Thomas Gardner Professor
James Garrison Professor
Ann Laberge Associate Professor
Amy Nelson Associate Professor
Joseph C. Pitt
Anita Puckett Associate Professor
Richard Rich Professor
Michael Saffle Professor
Bob Siegle Professor
Richard Shingles Associate Professor
Barbara E. Smith Professor
Name Position Office Phone Email
Craig Leonard Brians        
Wolfgang Natter 
John Ryan