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Program Overview

The Instructional Design and Technology (IT) Master's Degree program is designed to meet the needs of professional educators in K-12 schools, community colleges, and higher education, as well as corporate trainers and other instructional development professionals outside of the academic realm. The focus of the program is on the creation of effective solutions to support learning and improved performance. Individual professional experiences are highly valued and will form the basis for most of the projects developed throughout the program. Because this is a distance program, all courses are offered electronically. 


Why choose this program?

  • The Instructional Technology Master's program (ITMA) is a rigorous graduate program designed to prepare you to be a professional instructional technologist.
  • As a graduate of the Virginia Tech Instructional Technology Program, you will enjoy the respect and opportunities afforded by completing one of the finest Instructional Technology programs in the country.
  • Our Faculty and staff in the Instructional Design and Technology program have very diverse interests that encompass all aspects of instructional technology and are committed to support students as they develop the professional, academic, research, and interpersonal skills required for a successful career of their choice.
  • Our coursework is designed to help students advance their understanding of educational issues, theories, and practice related to Instructional Design and Technology.
  • Graduates of the IDT master’s program apply their multidisciplinary expertise as instructional designers, trainers, or performance consultants in educational institutions, businesses, organizations, and government, and as teachers or technology coordinators in PreK-12 or collegiate settings.
  • Has enrolled over 250 students across the country.

What You'll Study

The Instructional Technology Master's Degree program (ITMA) is a 30-credit hour degree program consisting of coursework in foundations of Instructional Design and Technology, research methods, and electives. The typical ITMA student, employed full-time, completes three credit-hours each academic semester and six credit-hours each summer, completing the program in three years. All the courses are offered every semester. This flexibility allows you to determine the pace at which you complete your degree. See the Plan of Study for your schedule of courses. 

ITMA courses include three following components:

The following courses form the foundation of the ITMA Plan of Study

  • Foundations of IDT (EDIT 5274) 3hrs
  • Theoretical Foundations of TEL (EDIT 5154) 3hrs
  • Design for Learning (EDIT 5164) 3hrs
  • Applied Theories of ID (EDIT 5534) 3hrs
  • Project and Report (EDIT 5904) 3hrs
  • IDT Portfolio (EDIT 5654) 3hrs

ITMA students must take three credit hours of research which is fulfilled by the course below

  • Program and Product Evaluation (EDIT 5584) 3hrs

Students complete the remainder of their 30-hours with the following courses

  • Software Evaluation (EDIT 5774) 3hrs
  • Distance Education (EDIT 5604) 3hrs
  • Visual Literacy (EDIT 5564) 3hrs
  • Principles of Learning Message Design (EDIT 5224) 3hrs
  • Applications of Digital Media (EDIT 5564) 3hrs
  • Interactive Learning Media Design (EDIT 5624) 3hrs
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 (4 Scale) for regular admission
  • Less than 3.0 GPA for provisional admission
  • TOEFL/ IELTS score Required  (If Applicable)

Learn more 

There is a discount for in-state K-12 teachers; use this application form in order to receive the reduced costs. Otherwise, as with on-campus students, we refer you to the VT Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for information on financial assistance. Generally, distance learners may qualify for federal loans if they take 5 or more credit hours per semester.

Find out what loans are available as a graduate student and other opportunities.

All Applicants

  • Fall: August 1st
  • Spring: January 1st
  • Summer I: May 1st
  • Summer II: June 1st

Dr. Ken Potter
Program Leader
144J Smyth Hall

Emily P. Bishop
Program Support Technician
144 Smyth Hall 


Dr. Ken Potter
Program Leader
144J Smyth Hall

Emily P. Bishop
Program Support Technician
144 Smyth Hall 

Faculty Experts In Instructional Design and Technology

Emeritus Faculty Members

John K. Burton, Professor Emeritus of Education.
Michael Moore, Professor Emeritus of Education.