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The Virginia Tech Gaming and Media Effects Laboratory (VT G.A.M.E.R. Lab) is a small laboratory facility dedicated to investigating the social impact of video games, immersive virtual environments, simulations, and related media technologies.

Current projects being explored at the G.A.M.E.R. Lab include:

  • Social responses to violent media content (Summer 2011-Present)
  • Social behavior in online game environments (Summer 2011-Present)
  • New Reliability Procedures in Content Analyses of Interactive Media (Fall 2010-Present)
  • Portrayals of Characters in Virtual Worlds (Fall 2010-Present)
  • User-Generated Content in Multiplayer Console Games (Spring 2009-Present)
  • Psychological and Physiological Effects of Video Game Control Interface Advancements (Fall 2006-Present)
Gamer Lab
Gamer Lab 2

The laboratory is housed in 033 Shanks Hall on the main campus of Virginia Tech. The lab's director is Dr. James D. Ivory, professor in the School of Communication.

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James D. Ivory
Research Director
111 Shanks Hall