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Our mission is to provide Virginia Tech students and faculty members with access to constructive feedback and practical resources for improving oral presentations. By visiting CommLab, our clients will gain valuable presentation-related insight and develop the necessary toolsets to become successful speakers.

  • CommLab aims to develop and refine individuals' understanding of each aspect of the speech making process.
  • We extend the classroom experience and provide support for class assignments and special projects.
  • We emphasize interpersonal and group skills, oral presentation strategies and effective delivery.
  • We identify key areas for improvement and offer feedback to provide clients with a starting point for future assignments.
  • We encourage visitors to solve their own problems and provide them with the necessary toolsets to become more skilled speakers.
  • We strive to create a comfortable learning environment where each session is specifically tailored to the individual's needs and concerns.
  • We do not discuss potential grades a visitor may earn, nor do we critique instructors, assignments and/or grading policies.