Authentic Strategies Using Picturebooks


IGI Global



Release Date

September 2023


In today's academic environment, one essential skill that is often overlooked is active listening. While educators dedicate substantial time to teaching reading, writing, and speaking, listening skills remain a marginalized aspect of education. This negligence leaves students ill-prepared for the demands of the modern world and results in billions of dollars being spent by companies to train their employees in effective listening. The gap between the need for proficient listeners and the scarcity of resources to nurture this skill is harming or at least significantly delaying the potential of these students. Mindful Listening Instruction in the Elementary Classroom: Authentic Strategies Using Picturebooks is the solution we've all been waiting for. Academic scholars are deeply committed to improving education, and they have recognized the urgency of addressing this pervasive issue. This book offers a transformative solution by advocating for the integration of listening skill instruction into elementary classrooms, using the engaging medium of picture books. This book is a roadmap to a brighter future for our students and society. By addressing the problem of neglected listening skills and offering a compelling solution, this book equips educators, academics, and anyone invested in education with the tools to bridge the gap between the demand for proficient listeners and the current educational landscape's shortcomings.