Five ASPECT doctoral students gave papers at the International Studies Association–Northeast Conference:

  • Sam Beckenhauer, “Enmeshed in the News Cycle: On Conspiracy Theory Discourse and Cybernetic Governmentality”
  • Linea Cutter, “The Biopolitics of Food Insecurity: An Examination of the CDC’s Mapping of ‘Irresponsible’ Subject–Food Relationships”
  • Luther McPherson, “Enmity and Finitude: On the Onto-theology of Security”
  • Aline de Souza, “The Desalienating Potential of Artistic Performances in the Immigration Crisis”
  • Sara Wenger, “Humanoid Sex Robots and Their Fictions: Gender, Feminism, and Science Fiction on the Sextech Market”

Cutter also was selected to participate in the conference’s Interpretive and Relational Research Methodology Workshop. The conference took place in hybrid format November 1 and in person November 4–5 in Baltimore, Maryland.