ASPECT doctoral students Jordan Fallon and Madison Tepper co-edited Volume 9, Issue 1 of SPECTRA: The ASPECT Journal (2022), with ASPECT doctoral student Leah Ramnath as guest editor of the special issue titled “On Kinship and Precarity.”

The issue includes the following articles and essays by ASPECT students:

  • John Bernardi, “From ‘Bon’ to ‘Bond’: The ‘Tragic Mulatto/a’ and the Repetition of the Plantation Mythology,” pp. 10–14
  • Casey Anne Brimmer, “Kin Are the People Who Still Pick Up the Phone: An Essay on the Social Constructions of Family, Kin, and Self,” pp. 15–19
  • Sabrina Harris, “Multiracial Bodies, Multiracial Reproduction,” pp. 20–26
  • Vasilije Mesarovic, “Incest, Miscegenation, and (Non)Linear Time in Absalom, Absalom! and Of One Blood,” pp. 27–30
  • Ramnath, “Prophetic Pasts, Presents, and Futures” and “A Collaborative Syllabus on Kinship: Feminist Theories of Race and Reproduction,” pp. 31–36 and 37–43 respectively
  • Aline de Souza, “Kinship and the Fish,” pp. 62–63

Also included is a book review by Reed Byg of How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human by Eduardo Kohn, pp. 56–61.