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The School of Education Graduate Student Association at Virginia Tech

The SOE GSA exists to serve and represent graduate students within the School of Education at Virginia Tech. The organization will create opportunities for both academic collaboration and social interaction, identify the needs, interests, and concerns of graduate students and advocate on their behalf, and support the SOE community by promoting professionalism and academic engagement.   

Academic collaboration includes:

  1. Creation and support of writing circles
  2. Promoting research projects across the varied SOE academic programs
  3. Professional development opportunities for SOE graduate students

Social Interaction:

  1. Organize opportunities for students to get together socially
  2. Help with “back to school” information sessions
  3. Be available to assist the SOE administration with other events, including diversity & inclusion events, professional development events, and social events

Advocate for:

  1. Funding for conference attendance as presenters
  2. SOE graduate students to find out their needs, concerns, interests  
  3. Present SOE graduate student nees to leadership
  4. Support development of programming including symposia, speakers, and professional development 
  5. Building relationships with SOE leadership, including Dr. Gehsmann (the Director of the School of Education), Dr. Nancy Bradley (the Associate Director of the Office of Academic Programs), and Dr. Marcus Johnson (the Associate Director of the Office of Educational Research), among others

Professionalism and Academic Engagement

  1. Create opportunities for SOE graduate students to share their research with one another, including graduate roundtables, formus, colloquia, or symposia
  2. Offer SOE specific professional development on topics including: APA, Job Search, Interviewing etc. 

Social and Other Events