Mark V. Barrow, Jr.

Mark V. Barrow, Jr.

Mark V. Barrow, Jr.



431 Major Williams Hall
220 Stanger St.
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061




Department Membership



  • History of Natural History and Wildlife Conservation
  • Environmental History
  • Ideas, Scientific Practices, and Policies Related to Extinction
  • History of Ornithology
  • Cultural and Environmental History of the American Alligator

Professional Activities

  • Department Chair, Department of History
  • American Society for Environmental History
  • History of Science Society
  • International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology


  • Ph.D. Harvard University
  • B.A. University of Florida


    Awards and Honors

    Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech, 2015

    Award for Excellence in Research, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech, 2014

    Faculty Excellence Award, History Graduate Student Association, Virginia Tech, 2013

    Selected Publications


    Nature's Ghosts: Confronting Extinction from the Age of Jefferson to the Age of Ecology (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009)

    A Passion for Birds: American Ornithology after Audubon (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1998). Paperback 2000.


    Tom Ewing, Robert Stephens, Marian Mollin, David Hicks, Amy Nelson, Hayward Farrar, Kathleen Jones, Mark Barrow, and Daniel Thorp, eds., The Digital History Reader,, September 2006. Peer reviewed, NEH-funded digital textbook.


    • “Carson in Cartoon: A New Window onto the Noisy Reception to Silent Spring,” Endeavour 36, no. 4 (2012): 156-164.
    • “Romancing the Capstone: National Trends, Local Practice, and Student Motivation in the History Curriculum,” Journal of American History 98, no. 4 (2012): 1095-1113 (co-authored with Kathleen Jones, Robert Stephens, and Stephen O’Hara).
    • “The Specter of Extinction: Taking a Long View on Species Loss,” Journal of the History of Biology 16, no. 3 (2011): 428-432.
    • “The Book Project: Engaging History Majors in Undergraduate Research,” History Teacher 45, no. 1 (November 2011): 65-80 (co-authored with Robert Stephens and Kathleen Jones).

    Sponsored Research

    • “Using Digital Technology to Teach Hidden History” (with 3 co-PIs), 4VA Grant Program, Virginia Tech, $22,000, 2014.
    • “Charismatic Carnivore: The Cultural and Environmental History of the American Alligator,” South Atlantic Studies Initiative Award Proposal, CLAHS, Virginia Tech, $1,500, 2009
    • Participant (with 8 other faculty), “The History Survey Online: Digital Resources for European and U.S. History,” NEH Exemplary Education Grant, $180,000, 2003-2005

    Additional Information

    Current Research: A study of changing attitudes toward human-induced extinction, primarily in the U.S., from the 18th century to the endangered Species Act (1973); also pursuing work on the cultural history of the American alligator.