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Academic Support for Ukraine

A Special Project to Support English Philology in the Ukrainian Universities

When the war in Ukraine began, many universities within the country’s borders shut down. But several have decided to restart their courses to allow students to finish the academic year. These classes are virtual with both students and teachers logging in from homes, temporary shelters, and abroad. Kira Gulko Morse, an instructor in composition, decided to help by creating a database to collect teaching materials related to English philology to assist faculty in Ukraine. 

This database provides curriculum materials by faculty from the Virginia Tech Department of English. The materials are divided into several subjects in the field of English philology with a focus on English as a foreign language. The goal is to provide access to short activities that can be used in an online classroom setting — videos, readings, worksheets, and exercises. All of these can be can be used with minimal preparation and require between 15-30 minutes to complete. We will continue to add materials.

Subject Material Available

  • English Reading/Literature
  • English Writing/Composition
  • English Grammar
  • Linguistics
  • Language and Society
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Research Methodology

Why Providing Curricular Material is Important

“The faculty who evacuated did not have the opportunity to bring their teaching materials, as evacuations from war do not account for much luggage. The locations that shelter refugees usually do not have the right conditions for academic work. The faculty who stayed at home have access to their materials but are heavily burdened by the war actions — missile sirens, shelling, bomb shelters, and other atrocities of the invasion that affect civilians.” Kira Gulko Morse

Kira Gulko Mores stands at a podium. She is dressed in a white shirt with embroidered red flowers, traditional Ukrainian clothing.
Kira Gulko Morse

Please email Dr. Morse with any questions regarding this project.