The 25th Annual Brian Bertoti Innovative Perspectives in History Conference featured 22 presentations by students from 12 institutions globally. Department of History graduate students organized the conference; faculty from the Department of History served as discussants. The following Virginia Tech students presented papers; all of them are master’s students in History, unless otherwise noted: Erica Blake, “‘She Was Not Sorry It Burned’: The Fire of 1930 and Monacan Resistance at the Bear Mountain”; Mary Culler, “The Battleground of Democracy: Imagery in the Poetry of The Suffragist”; Savannah Flanagan, “Secret Meetings: How Moravian Single Sisters’ Disobedience Shaped the Evolving Policies of the Moravian Church”; Savannah Lawhorne, “Remembering Space, Place, and Spectacle: A Case Study on the Haunting of DeJarnette Sanitorium”; Derek Pearson, “The Steep Climb to Low Earth Orbit”; Muhammed Shah Shajahan, ASPECT doctoral student, “‘Spectacular History’: An Analysis of the Construction of History in Bollywood”; Samuel Wentworth, Curriculum and Instruction master’s student, “One Dog for Everything”; Kiana Wilkerson, “‘I Am Not Your Mammy’: Black Women Representation in Brotherman”; Alfonso Zavala, Jr., “Reign of Terror in Clinton: Political Violence, Race, White Supremacy, and the Beginning of the ‘Mississippi Plan’ in 1875.” The conference took place at Hahn Horticultural Garden and the Graduate Life Center on March 18–19.