Maaz Gardezi, an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, received a National Science Foundation grant for his project, “Testing a Responsible Innovation Approach for Integrating Precision Agriculture Technologies with Future Farm Workers and Work.” The project originated in 2020 as a collaboration between South Dakota State University, where Gardezi was an assistant professor at the time, and the University of Vermont. Gardezi and his collaborators research how farmers use precision agriculture technologies and facilitate responsible design of the tools themselves, with the help of computer scientists, engineers, and agronomists at the partner universities. Using a living laboratory approach, the researchers’ goal is to observe farmers using the new technologies in their natural farm settings. Gardezi also has created research opportunities for social science students interested in working with precision agriculture technologies: Sociology postdoctoral associate Edward Prutzer and Criminology junior Megan Schaefer currently are working on the project.