On behalf of the SOE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, we hope you had a happy and productive Black History Month, celebrated every February here in the United States.  This is, I hope you’ll agree, not the only month for teaching the contributions, challenges, and joys of African Americans in the US, but a time to take stock as educators and teacher educators.

Here are a few links to collections and resources that I find particularly helpful to exploring some of the important concepts and complexities of teaching Black History year round.

Celebrating Black History Education: A Collection

This is a collection by Education week of articles, videos and resources guides for educators interested in teaching Black history in a holistic, responsible way. Read more

Celebrate Black History Month and Teach Black History All Year

A continually updating resource page on black history designed for families and educators, made by Learning for Justice. Read more

Teaching Black History in Culturally Responsive Ways

An article focused on tangible steps educators can take to incorporate Black history and the accomplishments of Black people in their lesson plans, including educators who don’t teach history or social studies. Read more

Center for K-12 Black History and Racial Literacy Education

A research and professional development center created by the University of Buffalo to research best practices for education on race and Black history. Read more