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Gregory Galford

Gregory Galford, Assistant Professor

Gregory Galford, Assistant Professor
Gregory Galford, Assistant Professor

Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management
245 Wallace Hall, 295 West Campus Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-9259 |

Gregory Galford is a registered architect and assistant professor of residential environments and design in the Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management program at Virginia Tech.

His research has focused primarily on issues of housing that are non-traditional. His dissertation was a qualitative work that analyzed architectural attributes that contributed to themes of life in correctional and solitary confinement environments. He has published articles related to historic re-use of prisons and asylums, and the use of surveillance within residential environments with a historic contextual understanding. As part of an IIE/U.S. State Department grant, he has extensive experience working with universities in Indonesia and has published research on housing and water infrastructure. This work on sustainability in housing was also supported by work on an NSF grant that involved peer-to-peer student education in brownfield redevelopment. He has presented at numerous conferences that reflect his work in design education and cultural studies.

His teaching experience is now within residential design, and has previously been in architectural design and interior design. He has taught a range of courses that span both undergraduate and graduate curriculums. His classes have been a balance of technical courses, theory courses, and design studios. Within technical courses, he has specialties in residential technologies, sustainability, lighting design, acoustics, and construction methods.  In theory courses, he has taught graduate design theory and graduate research methods. For design, he has taught both undergraduate and graduate design studios regarding most building types and levels.

His professional experience and service activities support his other work. He is a registered architect with twenty years of experience in various architectural firms in Philadelphia, New York City, Pittsburgh, and Dubai. He is a LEED Accredited Professional. He has worked on a wide variety of building types. He has served on several advisory boards for non-profit organizations that supported his interest in issues of housing, sustainability, and history. 

  • Housing
  • Historic Re-use
  • Surveillance
  • Sustainability and infrastructure
  • Problem-based learning
  • PhD in Architectural Studies, University of Missouri, 2018.
  • Graduate Diploma in History and Theory, Architectural Association, London, 1991.
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech, 1987.
  • Director, Virginia Tech Center for Real Life Design
  • CLAHS-Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Editorial Board, Housing and Society
  • Member, American Institute of Architects
  • Member, Interior Designers Educators Council
  • Member, International Interior Design Association
  • Member, Environmental Design Research Association
  • Member, Appalachian Studies Association
  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • King Award for Architectural Research – University of Missouri
  • Leadership Pittsburgh – Class XXIV
  • AIA Pittsburgh Chapter, Honor Award, Mellon Hall
  • IMI Golden Trowel Award, Mellon Hall – Chatham University
  • “Women in Military Service for America” Design Competition, Washington, DC

Journal Articles

Galford, G.A., Peek, G.G. (2018). “Miasma: a contextual view of air quality with implications for the home environment”. Housing and Society, 45(1) 53-62.

Galford, G.A., (2018). “Review: Measuring Urban Design: Metrics for Livable Places by Ewing, Reed, and Otto Clemente”, Journal of Planning Education and Research, 1-2.

Mehling, M., Galford, G.A., Motley, D., Biss, W., (2018). Connecting through the lens: Cross-cultural perspectives on urban design and water infrastructure using participatory photography. Journal of Sustainability Education.

Galford, G.A., Deiner, J., Trun, N., (2017). Awareness of Complex Community Issues through an Interdisciplinary Version of Application-Based Service Learning, Science Education and Civic Engagement.

Galford, G.A., Hawkins, S., Hertweck, M., (2015). Problem-Based Learning as a Model for the Interior Design Classroom: Bridging the Skills Divide Between Academia and Practice. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 9 (2) Article 8.

Galford, G.A., Peek, G.G., (2015). Peek-A-Boo: A Contextual View of Surveillance with Implications for the Home Environment, Housing and Society, Volume 43, No. 2.

Galford, G.A., Peek, G.G., (2015). Locked up in Lockdown: historic prisons and asylums as alternative housing with adaptive re-use challenges. Housing and Society, 42 (1) 85-97. 


  • Galford, G., CLAHS Global Partnership Grant, Virginia Tech, $3800.
  • Galford, G., et al, “Expanding and Refining the Applications-Based Service-Learning Pedagogy”, National Science Foundation, No. 1226175, $503,280.
  • Universitas Airlangga, 2012
  • Universitas Indonesia, 2016

Indonesia Housing Photography Exhibit, Chatham University, 2017.

  • Residential Technologies
  • Advanced Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Design Studios – Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Sustainable Design
  • Lighting and Acoustics
  • Graduate Research Methods
  • Construction Methods
  • Portfolio Design
  • Drafting
  • Architectural and Design Theory

Member of US/Indonesia Partnership Program sponsored by IIE and US State Dept.  He has made several trips to the country, and published an article on US/Indonesian housing and water infrastructure. He worked extensively with universities in Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta. He has taken two groups of students to Indonesia and has lectured at various universities.

Led student group to Costa Rica, 2011.

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