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Jessica Pattison

Jessica Pattison, Instructor of Property Management

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Jessica Pattison, Instructor of Property Management

Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management
109 Wallace Hall
295 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-6177 |

Jessica Pattison is an instructor of fashion merchandising and design, who also assists with collection management and undergraduate research in the Oris Glisson Historic Costume and Textile Colleciton and leads textiles scientist in the textiles laboratory.

She teaching interests are in fashion illustration, sustainable practices in design and visual merchandising, pattern making, and computer aided pattern design and marker making, creative approaches to design, apparel draping, visual merchandising, adaptive apparel design, and human-centered design.

  • Human-centered design-addaptive apparel for little people and athletes
  • Functional apparel design and the integrated use of digital apparel technologies
  • Dress and human behavior
  • East African apparel and textiles manufacturing, merchandising, and production
  • World cultures and clothing
  • Sustainable practices of apparel retailers
  • PhD in Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising, Louisiana State University, 2013.
  • BS in Fashion Design and Merchandising, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2006.
  • Editor, Design Catalog, International Textiles and Apparel Association, 2023
  • Member, International Textiles and Apparel Association, 2013; 2022-Present
  • Co-Editor of the Design Catalog, International Textiles and Apparel Association, 2022
  • Member, Costume Society of America, 2007-2013; 2022-Present
  • Fashion illustration (hand and computer-aided)
  • Flat pattern
  • Apparel draping
  • Computer-aided design
  • Patternmaking
  • Marker making
  • Apparel Retailing
  • VIsual Merchandising
  • International Sourcing
  • Historic costume

Journal Articles

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Proceedings Abstracts & Refereed Presentations

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Pattison, J. (2009, March). America’s Philippines: A look at President William McKinley’s colonial efforts abroad.  Paper presentation at the Annual Southern Anthropological Society (SAS) Conference, Wilmington, NC.

Juried Exhibits and Other Creative Works

Pattison, J. (2011, March). Cinderella Project Runway. Juried Competition Produced by Cinderella Project Organization. Volunteer graduate contestant participant in original repurposed garment design competition for socially responsible donation to financially challenged teen girls.  Baton Rouge, LA.

Pattison, J. (2010, November). Repurposed Denim. Exhibition of environmentally friendly fashions at the Sustainability Tent in Fashion Through the Ages Exhibition at LSU Day, Baton Rouge, LA.  


Pattison, J. (2010, March). Fashion Drawing. Original fashion art exhibit. United States Geological Survey (USGS): Nature Through Art, Art Through Generations; Art Exhibit at the National Wetlands Research Center, Lafayette, LA.


Pattison, J. (2009, May). Skull and Roses. Competition Produced by LSU’s Hemline Organization. Graduate contestant participant in textiles design, fashion illustration, and garment design. Sponsored by Cotton, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA. 


Pattison, J. (2009, March). Morning in a Cypress Bayou. Original textile art exhibit. USGS: Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet, National Wetlands Research Center, Lafayette, LA.