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We encourage you to study abroad for an extraordinary experience away from campus. Our department offers two programs on alternating years: The European Fashion Study Abroad and The Housing and Property Management Study Abroad. University programs are available across the world for you to travel for a week, a winter, a summer, a semester, or even for a year - all while working toward graduation.

Earn academic credit while you're away through faculty-led programs, enrollment in a bi-lateral exchange program, or direct enrollment in programs across the world.

See your advisor to learn more about upcoming study abroad programs and check out what is available from the Global Education Office.

Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Study Abroad opportunities

What will the future look like in terms of housing design, sustainability, and affordability as well as transportation, land conservation, and general resource management?  The AHRM Housing and Property Management Study Abroad Tour has been designed to help students answer this very important question. The learning experience will start in the German capital, Berlin, and conclude in Germany's futuristic, sustainable city set in a forest, Freiburg. While in Berlin, we will explore the Bauhaus campus & archives, take tours of sustainable government and residential real estate as well as enjoy cultural events in the city. In Freiburg, we will continue our exploration of sustainability and housing design in the Vauban and Risesfeld districts of the city as well as visit German design companies.  Seid dabei und kommt mit uns! (Join us and come along!) 

The European Fashion Study Abroad is offered every other summer (2021; 2023) for three weeks and includes stops in London, Paris, Rome, Florence, and other European fashion capitals.  Students tour European boutiques, visit design houses such as Prada, and universities with fashion programs. 

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Education Abroad Opportunities and Scholarships

Academic Credit

  • If you are on academic suspension, you may not take courses for transfer.
  • Credit hours transfer; grades do not
  • A limited number of credit hours may be transferred; see your course catalogue for more transfer credit policies
  • Major upper-level courses are more difficult to transfer than lower-level elective courses because there are not exact equivalents; you should plan to take most major courses at Virginia Tech (of the last 45 hours before graduation, only 18 can be transferred).

If you decide to take courses elsewhere and want to transfer them to Virginia Tech, you should follow these steps:

  • Complete the Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere form, meet with your advisor, and obtain the required signatures.
  • Investigate the courses that you want to take; gather information about academic level, hours, and content. You can usually find this information on the institution’s website.
  • Submit the completed form to Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building, 200 Stanger Street, for Dean's Office approval. Please submit this form prior to studying abroad to ensure that the courses you take will have a Virginia Tech equivalency.
  • Request that your official transcript be sent to the Global Education Office (or ISEP if applicable). Transcripts MUST arrive in a sealed envelope:
    Global Education Office (room 131)
    526 Prices Fork Road
    Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA