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AHRM 1204
Clothing and People

A personal and societal approach to the study of clothing and its importance in people's lives. Social, psychological, and economic forces that affect clothing behavior of individuals and groups. Fundamentals of clothing and textiles importance to consumers.

  • 3 Credit Hours
FMD 1224
Introduction to the Fashion Industry
  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2034
History of Costume

A study of costume worn by people in historical and contemporary periods. Coverage of the evolution and development of Western costume. Use of fashion, clothing, and design terminology. Influence of historic costume on contemporary fashion and design.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2204
Introduction to Textiles

Structure, properties and basic production of textiles and textile components: natural and manufactured fibers; yarns; woven, knit, nonwoven fabrics; mechanical and chemical finishes; colorants and coloration methods. Influence on performance of apparel and interior textile products. Pre: Sophomore standing and one semester (lecture, not lab) of university core requirement in Scientific Reasoning and Discovery is required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2214
Apparel Textiles Laboratory

Identification and characterization of textiles and textile components including: fabrics, finishes and coloration. Influence of these structural parameters on performance of apparel textiles.

  • 1 Credit Hours
FMD 2224
Fashion Presentation Techniques

Basic principles and methods for executing fashion illustrations, proportions of the fashion figure, design details, portfolio development, identifying target markets and fabric renderings with consideration toward diverse populations in the global marketplace. Exploration and practice in color with work in pencil, color pencil, pastel, and watercolor. Practice and skill development using a variety of manual and computer tools to illustrate construction details and create technical flats. Emphasis placed on the use of correct industry terminology. Pre: AHRM 1014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2264
Apparel Product Development

Study of the pre-production stage of product development in the apparel industry, including planning a line based on market, consumer, and product research, forecasting trends in color, style and materials, developing and selecting designs and styles, and wholesale marketing of a line to retail buyers. Also includes the use of diverse inspiration sources for creating a design, application of computer-aided design to design and style development, and identification of career opportunities and qualifications for professional positions in the industry. Pre: Sophomore standing; AHRM 1214.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2404
Consumer Rights

Role of consumers in society and in national and international markets. Consumer rights, responsibilities, policies, regulations and redress. Consumer decision making and planned buying. Current consumer issues such as: product safety, food, health care, housing, environmental impact, banking, credit and insurance from an intercultural perspective. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3104
Fashion Retailing Concepts

Detailed investigation and analysis of the fundamentals of fashion merchandising concepts emphasizing problem solving at the retail level. Pre: One semester of Curriculum for Liberal Education Area 5 – Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning required; junior standing; AHRM 1204.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3224
Apparel Production

Application of concepts and principles of basic and intermediate-level apparel patternmaking and construction from the apparel industry perspective to the creation of prototypes, product specifications, and finished products. Students will gain conceptual understanding of simple to complex apparel construction techniques, learn the stitch and seam types and their applications, and develop skill in using a variety of manual and computer tools and equipment for apparel patternmaking and construction. Pre: Sophomore standing; AHRM 1204.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3234
Fit, Patternmaking, and Draping

Study of apparel product development from the apparel industry point of view using intermediate and advanced techniques and skills. Focus on conceptual understanding and application of garment fit, pattern and product alteration, pattern grading, and marker making principles and of flat-pattern and mannequin-drape techniques used in apparel engineering and product development, along with development of skill in using a variety of related manual and computer tools. Pre: Junior standing required; AHRM 3224.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3244
Small Business Apparel Retail Development

Comprehensive study of small business concepts as applied to the textile and apparel retail industry. Analysis of the entrepreneurial mindset and strategies for business entry with emphasis on small business development, including concept and opportunity identification, merchandising and management, operations and control, advertising and promotion, and financial planning for a textile and/or apparel retail business. Pre: AHRM 2264.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3254
Global Apparel Production and Trade

Study of evolution, basic elements, patterns, and implications in developed and developing countries of contemporary global apparel production and trade. Course topics also include key roles of U.S. firms and government agencies in global apparel production and trade, the types and roles of firms that participate in such production and trade, as well as international trade policies and other factors that influence global apparel production and trade. Pre: Junior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
FMD 3264

Study and application of basic and advanced draping techniques for patternmaking in the apparel industry, including darts in skirts and bodices, princess lines in bodices, yokes, pleats and gores in skirts, and asymmetrical structures for whole garments; selection of fabrics appropriate for garment styles; evaluation of garment fit, design and construction. Includes students’ design and construction of garments suitable for juried design competitions or exhibitions. Design Lab/Studio. Pre: 2264, 3224, Junior Standing 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3954
Study Abroad

The European Study Abroad is offered every other summer (2015: 2017) for three weeks and includes stops in London, Paris, Rome, Florence, and other European fashion capitals. Students tour European boutiques, visit design houses, such as Prada, and universities with fashion programs.

  • Variable Credit Hours
AHRM 4024

The development and production of a professional apparel portfolio in both paper and ePortfolio format. Pre: Senior standing required; AHRM 3234 or permission of the instructor.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4124
Clothing Behavior Patterms

Study of clothing behavior of individuals in relationship to their needs, values, attitudes, interests, and self-concepts. Overview of principles and theories related to individuals' emotional, mental, and physical activities when obtaining, using, maintaining, and disposing of apparel products so as to satisfy their needs and desires. Application of principles and theories related to clothing behavior to the analysis of consumer and the development of effective merchandising strategies. Pre: AHRM 3104 and PSYC 2004 or PSYC 1004 or SOC 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4214
Economics of the Textile and Apparel Industry

Study of the various segments of the textile and apparel industry. Analysis of the market structure and functioning of each segment and of factors currently affecting the industry. Pre: AHRM 2204, ECON 2006/ECON 2006H or AAEC 1005 and AAEC 1006. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
ARHM 4224
Fashion Analysis and Communication

Analysis of factors influencing fashion change and acceptance. Application of effective promotional activities to trade, national, and retail levels of fashion merchandising. Pre: Senior standing required; AHRM 2264, MKTG 3104.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4234
Apparel Quality Evaluation

Study of quality of ready-to-wear apparel and factors that influence variations in the aesthetic and functional performance of the end product, including consumer perceptions and expectations, manufacturing processes and trends, and the physical components of the end product. Pre: AHRM 3224, AHRM 3204.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4244
New York Fashion Study Tour

Integrative study of methods of operating at all levels within the fashion industry. Special emphasis on design, merchandising, and promotional activities. Seminars on campus and at pre-arranged appointments during a five-day stay in New York. Pre: Junior standing.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4264
Merchandising Strategies

A senior capstone course providing students with experience in synthesizing and using course content learned throughout their apparel program. Includes projects in forecasting, product development and promotions as used in the apparel industry in preparing and positioning products in the market. Pre: AHRM 3104, AHRM 4234, AHRM 4224.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4664
Universal Design

Evaluation and design of commercial and residential environments with consideration for accessibility, adaptation, safety, and support of the user(s).

  • 2 Credit Hours
AHRM 4964
Field Study

Internship in a fashion related industry. X-grade allowed.

  • Variable Credit Hours
AHRM 4974
Independent Study

Generally involves extensive reading and tutorial sessions with the faculty supervisor and also may involve written papers or creative projects/designs. The subject usually is a continuation in greater depth of a topic covered in a regular course, allowing students to study topics of particular individual interest.

  • Variable Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available
AHRM 4994
Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is an individual research project carried out under faculty supervision. The student defines the research topic, proposes a methodology, carries out the research, and writes a report or completes a creative project/design.

  • Variable Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available