Cognition and Education Graduate Certificate

(Graduate Certificate in Educational Psychology)

The Certificate in Cognition and Education is appropriate for graduate students who are considering careers as teachers, higher education professors, educational researchers, educational program administrators, and educational leaders.

Choose from 4 Core Courses

9 Credits Needed to Graduate

Doctoral Level

100 Percent Faculty Commitment

The Certificate in Cognition and Education provides an advanced understanding of current theories and principles of academic learning, as well as classroom, online, and laboratory strategies that teachers/professors may use to influence how students learn. Students who complete the Certificate in Cognition and Education will have documentation that they have developed the intellectual and practical tools necessary to design and deliver effective teaching.

The Certificate in Cognition and Education is appropriate for advanced graduate students who are considering careers as higher education professors, educational researchers, and educational administrators.

Admission Requirements: To complete the Certificate in Cognition and Education, students must be enrolled currently and in good standing in any doctoral program at Virginia Tech.

Students considering the Certificate should consult with faculty in the Educational Psychology program to plan their study to be consistent with their career goals and backgrounds.

Certificate Requirements:

Students must complete 3 courses (9 credit hours of coursework) with a grade of B or better from the list of courses below.

  1. Students must complete three of the following courses:
    • EDEP 6114: Cognitive Processes and Educational Practice
    • EDEP 6224: Constructivism and Cognition
    • EDEP 6334: Multimedia Cognition
    • EDEP 6444: Motivation and Cognition
  2. Students may substitute one of the following courses at the discretion of the Certificate
    • EDEP 5114: Advanced Educational Psychology
    • EDEP 5194: Research Assessing Student Achievement

Our Faculty 

Research Interests:

  • How students' beliefs impact their motivation
  • The methods instructors can use to design instructional environments that support students' motivation and learning.

Brett Jones, Professor

Brett Jones, Professor

Research Interests:

  • Multimedia learning
  • Constructivism
  • The investigation of learning efficacy in mobile and multimedia learning environments
  • Cognitive processes and multimedia teaching and learning.

Peter Doolittle, Professor

Peter Doolittle, Professor

Students interested in applying to the Educational Psychology (Graduate Certificate in Educational Psychology) should contact Dr. Brett Jones, by email at

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