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Race and Social Policy

Graduate Certificate


Campus:  Virginia Tech Blacksburg Campus, Instructions: Residential/On Campus

Program Overview

The Race and Social Policy Certificate Program is a 12-hour concentration. The concentration provides an opportunity for Master's and Ph.D. level graduate students to develop understanding of issues of race, ethnicity and culture, especially as they relate to public policy.  


Why choose this program?

  • We support the research of scholar-activists, who connect with communities in need and provide research that can help them to shape policies and solve problems.
  • The research and scholarly interests of our faculty cross a wide range of disciplinary boundaries.
  • Best fit for students interested in full-time graduate study on the campus of Virginia’s largest research university. 
  • The graduate program in Sociology at Virginia Tech prepares students to be productive and publicly-engaged scholars, advancing research. 
  • The certificate is a credential that is applicable to a wide range of careers, including law, secondary and higher education, human resources, criminal justice, health care, housing, and welfare.  The overarching aim of the program is to provide a coherent, interdisciplinary grounding in race and social policy scholarship and to create an intellectual community among faculty and graduate students sharing similar scholarly interests.
  • All classes are taught in small seminars and offer personal interaction with faculty and peers. 

What You'll Study

RSP concentration students are required to complete SOC 6984 - Special Study: Survey of Race and Social Policy in the U.S. (3 credits), plus 9 additional credits in approved graduate-level (5000 and above) electives.  In addition to the pre-approved courses listed below, other courses may be approved by the Director upon review of a course syllabus to ascertain that sufficient attention is given to issues to race and ethnicity in the respective courses.  Students planning to take courses not included in the pre-approved list should consult the Director prior to enrolling to insure that the desired course will meet the criteria established.  Transfer courses from other institutions will be considered if syllabi are available.

Domestic Application

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: January 1

International Application

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: January 1

Wornie Reed, Director Race & Social Policy Research Center
564 McBryde Hall

Sarah Ovink, Director of Graduate Studies
675A McBryde Hall

Micah Roos, Director of Graduate Studies
656 McBryde Hall

Sam Schaller Graduate Coordinator
560 McBryde Hall


Wornie Reed, Director Race & Social Policy Research Center
564 McBryde Hall

Shannon Bell, Graduate Director
674 McBryde Hall

Sociology Faculty 

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