The following students were awarded scholarships from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences in support of study abroad participation.  For Summer Session I of 2019: Tahreem Alam, Multimedia Journalism and International Relations, Oman; Sidiratu Bangura, International Relations, Oman; Nyaima Brackner, Russian and National Security and Foreign Affairs, Latvia; Annika Klingen, Political Science and Russian, Latvia; Roberto Ramos-Diaz, National Security and Foreign Affairs and French, Oman; Shannon Reilly, National Security and Foreign Affairs, Oman; Alexys Rivers, Creative Writing and Studio Art, United Kingdom; Melanie Sutphin, National Security and Foreign Affairs, Oman; Sarah Van Hook, Creative Writing, Ghana.  For Summer Session II of 2019:  Katharine Cox, History and Chemical Engineering, Denmark, and Kymberly Stallard, Political Science, India.  For Fall 2019: Halcyeon Guy, International Relations and Criminology, Switzerland.