The 22nd Annual Brian Bertoti Innovative Perspectives in History Graduate Conference was held March 29–30 in Owens Banquet Hall and the Graduate Life Center; it featured 20 presentations by students from seven U.S. institutions, including Virginia Tech. Department of History graduate students organized the conference; faculty from the Department of History served as discussants. Presenting papers were the following master’s students in History: Nick Bolin, “‘The Population Problem’: Origins of American and Indian Concerns Over Population”; Taylor Boyd, “Establishing a Narrative: Local Historical Memories of the Martinsville Seven Case in Martinsville, Virginia”; Jeff Felton, “The Realities of Defeat: The Turning Points of the Civil War in Virginia, September–December, 1864”; Heath Furrow, “‘We Can Do Very Little with Them’: British Discourse on Shi’is in Iraq”; Jenni Gallagher, “‘Remove Him to the Poorhouse’: Poor-Relief in Montgomery County, VA, 1830–1880”; John Legg, “Changing Perspectives: The Contested Memories of the U.S.–Dakota War of 1862”; Kaitlyn Martin, “The Thesmophoria and the Women of Thebes”; Marlee Putnam, “A Jane of All Trades: Janet Taylor’s Contributions to Victorian Navigation”; Spenser Slough, “Forgetting by Avoidance: African American Burial Grounds, Forgotten History, and Jettisoned Memory in Northwest Wake County, NC, 1870–2018”; Kathryn Walters, “20,000 Fewer: The Wagner-Rogers Bill and the Jewish Immigration Crisis”; Ryan Wesdock, “The Floatplane Controversy: Proscription, Procedure, and Protection in Carroll County”; and Emily Wild, “The Complexities of Womanhood: The Identities of Female Quaker Unionists in the Civil War.”