Ralph Buehler, a professor in the School of Public and International Affairs, published “Cycling through the COVID-19 Pandemic to a More Sustainable Transport Future: Evidence from Case Studies of 14 Large Bicycle-Friendly Cities in Europe and North America,” Sustainability 14.12 (2022), 7293, with John Pucher; and “A Global Overview of Cycling Trends,” Cycling, ed. Eva Heinen and Thomas Götschi, Advances in Transport Policy and Planning, 10 (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Academic Press/Elsevier, 2022), pp. 137–58, with Rahul Goel.

In addition, Buehler gave the keynote address titled “Walking and Cycling for Improved Public Health and Sustainable Cities” at the Bonn Dialogue on Environment and Health; the event was sponsored by the World Health Organization and held virtually on June 3.