Cana Itchuaqiyaq, an assistant professor in the Department of English, published the following: “The Woman Who Tricked the Machine: Challenging the Neutrality of Defaults and Building Coalitions for Marginalized Scholars,” Re-Programmable Rhetoric: Critical Making Theories and Methods in Digital Rhetoric and Composition, ed. Michael J. Faris and Steve Holmes (Louisville, Colorado: University Press of Colorado/Utah State University Press, 2022), pp. 75–91; and “Decolonizing Decoloniality: Considering the (Mis)use of Decolonial Frameworks in TPC Scholarship,” Communication Design Quarterly 9.1 (2022): 20–31, with Breeanne Matheson, which was selected for the Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2022, to be published by Parlor Press.

In addition, Itchuaqiyaq was selected as a delegate to participate in the Arctic Horizon Scan 2022 workshop, a three-day event refining research questions for polar research; an initiative of the Oxford University Polar Forum, the workshop was held September 7–9 in Oxford, United Kingdom.