The following doctoral students in the Instructional Design and Technology program in the School of Education presented papers at the Eastern Educational Research Association annual conference: Ghadah Almutairy and Rebecca Clark-Stallkamp, “Students have 99 Problems, but with Strategies, Solving Them Will Not Be One of Them: Instructional Strategies Leveraging Problem Types”; Almutairy, Helen Ajao, Lumbini Barua, Gabriel Adeneye, and Clark-Stallkamp, “Transformation of Instructional Design Competencies in the Post-Covid-19 Era: A Metasynthesis”; Clark-Stallkamp, “Designing for Uncertainty: Argumentation as a Pedagogical Tool to Manage Uncertainty in Ill-Structured Problem Solving”; Clark-Stallkamp and faculty member Alicia Johnson, “Two Heads are Better than One: Co-teaching as a Form of Professionalization in Higher Education”; Bryce Platt Kayanuma, faculty members Glen Holmes and Johnson, and School of Education alumnus Abbot Packard, “Utilizing Graduate Students to Enrich Traditional Academic Collaborations” and “Authentic Learning for Students and Faculty in a Community of Practice”; Platt Kayanuma and Nikita Reis and faculty member Holmes, “Notion – The Dream App for Educational Professionals”; Platt Kayanuma, faculty members Holmes and Barbara Lockee, and School of Education alumnus Leo Chen, “Using Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Explore Faculty Adoption of Research Management Systems”; and Reis and faculty member Lockee, “The Rise of Ungrading: Pandemic Insights and Future Directions toward Meaningful Learning Assessment.” The conference took place February 3–4 in Clearwater, Florida.