What productive tensions and differences exist between ontological, epistemological, and material critiques of the (post)colonial?

What possibilities are opened when we place Decoloniality, as an onto-epistemological (and political) project, in conversation with decolonization, as a reparative project?

In the virtual symposium “Entangled Ontologies, Decoloniality, and Decolonization,” collaborating scholars will explore these questions from Native American/Indigenous, Africanist, Third World Marxist, Quantum, Post-human, and Political Ecological positions.

The event — sponsored by the Department of Political Science, the Institute for Policy and Governance, and the Community Change Collaborative — is scheduled for March 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Participating will be political science faculty members Desirée Poets and Laura Zanotti, along with Max Stephenson, director of the Institute for Policy and Governance.

Register for this event via Zoom. For questions about the symposium, email lkn4187@vt.edu.

This event will have live closed captions for accessibility.

Desirée Poets
Desirée Poets is an assistant professor of political science at Virginia Tech.