Release Date 2017-01-05
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
EAN/ISBN 978-1-4422-7193-7
Edition Title Third Edition
Author(s) Donald J. Shoemaker
Summary Juvenile Delinquency is a timely and comprehensive introduction to crime, justice, and young people, with an emphasis on theory and practice. The third edition retains the overall structure of the second edition and features updates throughout, including new information on gangs and prevention, the impact of race and gender on crime and justice, additional comparative and international examples, and more. The book opens with an overview of delinquency; historical and contemporary discussions of juvenile justice; theories of delinquency; institutional contexts of delinquency, such as school and the family; and chapters on topics such as drug use, youth gangs, female delinquency, police, courts, and corrections. Many chapters discuss treatment programs as well as delinquency and illustrate theory put into practice. Most issues are examined through the lenses of race, class, and gender.