Subtitle Campaign Fundraising in the 2020 Presidential Election
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
EAN/ISBN 978-1-7936-4027-7
Release Date 2021-11-15
Author(s) Cayce Myers

Money in Politics: Campaign Fundraising in the 2020 Presidential Elections illustrates political fundraising’s importance in the 2020 presidential election. Examining the fundraising from the party primaries through the General Election, Myers shows how contributions make an impact on the success of presidential candidates. He addresses how the role of corporate donations, individual contributors, and small donorship have become political talking points. Specific attention is given to the evolution of political fundraising, including a discussion regarding super-PACs, joint fundraising committees, and campaign committees. The author explores how modern fundraising prowess serves as a barrier to successful entry into top tier candidacy but does not necessarily guarantee victory. Readers will get a sense that today's political fundraising is both a political issue and a campaign necessity that will continue to be of importance in future presidential elections. Scholars and students of communication and political science will find this book particularly interesting.