Subtitle A 90-Day Plan to Get Back Your Life and Remove Chaos From Your Business
Publisher Authority Publishing
EAN/ISBN 978-1935953883
Release Date 2018-02-27
Author(s) Melinda Emerson (Communication Studies ’94)
Summary Building on the success of her bestselling book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, Melinda Emerson is back with her new book, Fix Your Business, her 90-day plan to get control of your business and get back your life. Readers will get concrete advice on the problem areas of running a small business with a step-by-step turn around system to build a flourishing enterprise. Based on her 12 Ps of Running a Successful Business and interviews with top business experts, it offers action steps at the end of every chapter. Emerson has built a system that will help a business owner see results in 90-days. This book is specifically about how to go from struggling to thriving so that you can scale or sell your businesses some day. Fix Your Business, is the ultimate guide to running a business that works for you, while drastically improving your quality of life and bottom-line