Release Year 2018
Author(s) Chuck Lumpkin ('63, Secondary Education)
ISBN 978-1983569920
Summary Steve Gibson had a bumpy career as a cargo transporter and lived very close to the edge. He met the love of his life, April, and together they made a team. After retirement, he was ready for the good life. A violent unknown group of beings named the Aegenna began attacking colonies and wiped all traces of Humans from existence. Steve was drafted into the Navy in an attempt at stopping this unknown group. His ship crashed on AS-34. His crew was dead. He ended up stranded on what was thought to be an uninhabited world. The war appeared to be lost. The Aegenna were far superior to mankind and appeared hell bent on eliminating all human life from the universe. They went from world to world destroying every colony. Steve accepted the fact he had no hope of ever seeing his home, Sparta Prime, again at least not inhabited by humans. What was the motive of the Aegenna for destroying human life? Steve discovered accidentally the startling truth, but with no way to alert Sparta Prime or April.