The 24th Annual Brian Bertoti Innovative Perspectives in History Conference featured 46 presentations by students from 25 institutions globally. Department of History graduate students organized the conference; faculty from the Department of History served as discussants.

The following Virginia Tech students presented papers; all of them are master’s students in History, unless otherwise noted: Clay Adkins, “The Great Appalachian Flood of 1977 and Unit 18”; Nick Anthony, undergraduate History major, “We Will Not Comply: Racial Implications of the Second Amendment”; Jessica Brabble, “‘Let Us See to it That They Enter the Race with No Handicap’: The Better Babies Bureau and North Carolina, 1913–1929”; Jay BurketteASPECT  doctoral student, “Historiography and Apocalypse: A Necessary Relationship?”; Noah Crawford, “‘A Matter of Increasing Perplexity’: How Refugees Experienced and Influenced the American Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley”; Sydney Montoya, “A Contested Empire: Fiscal Policy, Expansion, and Protest”; Benjamin Olex, “‘We Were Superior in Practice’: Reassessing the Context of British Navy Signal Reform”; Dylan Settle, “Checking the Chief Diplomat: The Role of Congress in the Sale and Transfer of Weapons Globally and the US-Israeli ‘Special Relationship,’ 1977–1989”; Faith Skiles, ASPECT doctoral student, “‘I Would Never Set Foot on American Soil Again’: Conversion, Space and Gender: American Women Missionaries in Korea”; Iris Swaney, “‘Take Care of Your Neighbor’: The New River Valley’s Legacy of the Battered Women’s Movement”; and Valencia Turner, “The Devil’s Half Acre: Lumpkin’s Slave Jail at the Shockoe Bottom Slave Market.”

The conference took place virtually March 19–20.