Ten students from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences were among the 16 who were awarded a Global Education Scholarship for study abroad in Summer I or II:  Geoffrey Blough, Communication Studies, International Perspectives on Communication; Kenneth Corbett, Communication Studies and International Relations, International Perspectives on Communication; AnnRea Fowler, Professional and Technical WritingFamily and Consumer Sciences, and Theatre, London Calling; Madeline Fowler, Public Relations, International Perspectives on Communication; Shelby Jones, International StudiesSpanish, and Criminology, VT Camino; Eric Luu, Multimedia Journalism, International Perspectives on Communication; Eliana Marrs, Human Development, VT Camino; Sarah McCliment, Creative Writing, Professional and Technical Writing, and Language and Literature, London Calling; Brooke Souders, Human Development, Teaching and Learning in Malawi; Zachary Weeks, Classical Studies and Religion and Culture, VT in Rome.

Fifteen of the scholarship recipients received funding for a program led by a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.