Erika Meitner, an associate professor in the Department of English, published the following poems in anthologies: “Items my sons left scattered on the floor of Flat #1, 5-7 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland,” Still Life With Poem: Contemporary Natures Mortes in Verse, ed. Jehanne Dubrow and Lindsay Lusby (Chestertown, Maryland: The Literary House Press, 2016), 36–38; “Conflict Tourism,” “Drawing by Visitor,” “Ghost Eden,” and “Non-Lieux,” On the Grass When I Arrive: An Anthology of New Writing from Northern Ireland on Place, Home, and Belonging, ed. Leon Litvack (Derry, United Kingdom: Guildhall Press, 2016): 12–13, 16–17, 28–29, and 63–65; and “By Other Means,” Read America(s): An Anthology, ed. Hari Alluri, Garrett Bryant, and Amanda Fuller (Locked Horn Press, 2016): 126.

Meitner also published poems and an essay in the Fall 2016 issue, 92.4, of the Virginia Quarterly Review, titled “Street Life,” which were part of a collaboration with photographer Ryan Spencer Reed in which Meitner and Reed traveled to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to report on the city in verse and photo: “Make America Safe Again,” “Make America One Again,” “Make America Work Again,” and “Make America First Again,” pp. 130–53, and “RNC CLE,” pp. 126–30.

Appearing in print in journals were the following poems by Meitner: “Dollar General,” Oxford American (Fall 2016): 46–48; “Gun Show Loophole,” “HolyMoleyLand,” and “Told on the Mountain,” The Yellow Nib 11 (Spring 2016): 45–54; and “We Swallowed Everything, Even Distance” and “We Had Pierced the Veneer of Outside Things and Scattered into a Diaspora,” Lumina 15 (2016): 129–32.