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On-Site Supervisor Orientation and Training

On-Site Supervisor Orientation and Training

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The faculty and students of the Counselor Education Program at Virginia Tech wish to thank you for your generous contribution of your valuable time in serving as an on-site supervisor for one of our interns. Your efforts help promote excellence in the field of Counseling, and the supervisory role you play will elevate the quality of education and directly impact the professional development of the intern at your site.

Why we do this

Virginia Tech's Counselor Education Program is accredited by the Counsel for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). CACREP standards require that all on-site supervisors must receive orientation, assistance, and consultation regarding clinical supervision of interns and our program. A supervisor or faculty member from the university will be in touch with site supervisors periodically throughout the placement to provide whatever assistance you may need. In addition, this site has been developed to provide some basic information about clinical supervision, and resources related to providing supervision. We hope you will find it both convenient and informative.

This website includes an overall orientation and training for all on-site supervisors. All of the information on this website is relevant for either school and clinical mental health counseling supervisors.

The Goals of our Supervision Programs:

The Counselor Education and Supervision program at Virginia Tech aims to foster clinical skill development and professional identity development in our students. Through supervision students are able to hone their practical skills and grow towards their own personal counseling style. Within this process, students begin to form their professional counselor identity. 

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