Aaron F. Brantly

Aaron F. Brantly, Assistant Professor
Aaron F. Brantly, Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science 
526 Major Williams Hall
220 Stanger Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-7614 | abrantly@vt.edu


Dr. Brantly has worked on issues related to cybersecurity from multiple angles including,  human rights and development, intelligence and national security and military cybersecurity. His interests span the political science and computer science divide. He is currently working on a year-long project on cyber deterrence funded by OSD Minerva R-Def.

For further information, please visit Dr. Brantly’s personal website.

  • Cyber Conflict and Security
  • Terrorism
  • Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Internet Governance
  • Ph. D. University of Georgia
  • MPP The American University
  • B.A. Queens University of Charlotte
  • Integrated Security Destination Area
  • US Army Cyber Institute
  • Combating Terrorism Center, West Point
  • Superintendent’s Award for Excellence, United States Military Academy
  • Cyber Leadership Award, US Army PEO C3T
  • Best Paper 2011 Intelligence Studies Section, International Studies Association

Published Books

Brantly, Aaron and Damien Van Puyvelde. [2018] Cybersecurity: An Introduction New York: Polity Press [Forthcoming]

Brantly, Aaron Franklin. 2016. The Decision to Attack Military and Intelligence Cyber Decision-Making. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press.

Van Puyvelde, Damien, and Aaron Franklin Brantly. 2017. US national cybersecurity: international politics, concepts and organization. New York: Routledge.

Journal Articles

 Matthews, Suzanne, Raymond Blaine, Aaron Brantly. 2016 “Evaluating Single-Board Computers for Cyber Operations”. CyCon U.S. IEEE Xplore

Brantly, Aaron. 2017. “The Violence of Hacking” The Cyber Defense Review 2(1)

Fitzgerald, Chad, Aaron Brantly. 2017. “Subverting reality: The role of propaganda in 21st century intelligence” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 30(2)

Brantly, Aaron. 2016. “The Most Governed Ungoverned Space: Legal and Policy Constraints on Military Operations in Cyberspace” SAIS Review of International Affairs 36(2)

  • OSD Minerva R-DEF [2017-2018] – The Cyber Deterrence Problem
  • OSD Minerva R-DEF [2014 - 2016]- Brantly, Aaron. 2017. “Innovation and Adaptation for Jihadist Digital Security” Survival 59(1)

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